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gRPC-Web provides a Javascript client library that enables browser clients to access a gRPC server.

The current release is an Alpha release, mainly for early adopters to provide feedback on the JS API (both gRPC and Protobuf). The JS client library has been used by Google (and Alphabet) projects with Closure compiler and its TypeScript generator (not yet open-sourced).

The gateway that connects the client to the server uses Nginx. However, Nginx still doesn't support HTTP/2 (to backends) as of Q3/2017, and therefore the gateway can't be used as a reverse proxy (for load balancing). We have also added the gRPC-Web support to Envoy. In future, we expect gRPC-Web to be supported in language-specific Web frameworks too, such as Go, Java, Node, which will eliminate the need to deploy a gateway.

Generate and use the client library

Please check the end-to-end echo example in net/grpc/gateway/examples/echo.

Build the gateway

Ubuntu 14.04

  1. Install docker.
  2. run ./ubuntu\_14\
  3. build result is available in net/grpc/gateway/docker folder as and

Mac OS X

  1. Install brew.
  2. brew install autoconf automake libtool pcre
  3. run ./darwin\_x86\
  4. build result is available in the root folder as and